Thank you!

We want to thank each and every one of you who came out to Horsepower Fest and made it an absolute success once again!

Huge thanks to the Avi Resort and Casino for allowing us to host this event again at such a beautiful venue. Thank you to all the staff of the Resort for helping us out!

Thank you to all of our sponsors. Battery Connection, MadSkillz Fab, and Hughes Motorsports! Without you it wouldn’t be possible!

Thank you to Tina Leach and Shane Hetrick for all your help running the raffle booth throughout the day. Thank you David Ayres for organizing and getting them to their spots Saturday morning. Also, thank you Joseph Ayres for manning the SCJB Merchandise booth and hustling all of the SoCalJetBoats and Horsepower Fest shirts.

Thank you to Kitos Lucero and The Boogie Man Crew for coming out to do the live painting and bringing awareness to Childhood Cancer.

Thank you Metal Mulisha & The Fitz Army for putting on the amazing Freestyle Motocross Shows throughout the day!

Thank you to Wes Morgan at BJ Manufacturing for making the awesome trophies for us again this year!

Thank you Theresa’s Tacos for feeding everyone the amazing tacos and thank you Diddys River Shack for bringing the BBQ! Thank you to all our other vendors who came out – Shabby Chic Head Boutique, Lefty’s Pinstriping & Sign Writing, Andy from Aqua Lilly Pads, American Strong, and Colorado River Outlaws.

Also, thank you to Step Right Up Photo Booth for bringing out their Vintage Trailer Photo booth. The sponsors who made the complimentary photos available to all were Battery Connection, Bostick Racing Engines, Nikki Bostick Insurance, and Arnold with US Optics.

Huge thanks to everyone who donated items to the raffle, including Battery Connection, Empire Tattoo of Upland, Lefty Pinstriping & Sign Writing, MadSkillz Fab, Andy @ Aqua Lilly Pad,  Place Diverter, Spy Optics, US Optics, Eddie Marine, CP Performance, Jake Yeager & DNA Motoring, Shabby Chic Head Boutique, Perfection Custom Covers, JC Jacks and Whips, Slide Anchor, and Mike Buschman!

Lastly and most importantly, I want to thank my beautiful fiance Brittney for being by my side and supporting me. Without her help and organization, we wouldn’t be able to pull this event off as smoothly as it does! She helps me believe in myself and what I am capable of doing. Thank you babe, I love you!